4th of July to 11th of July 2021


Progress was made in the following areas:

  • Documentation
    • More work on the C++ documentation structure / new intro page.
    • Syntax highlighting for .60 code snippets in the documentation.
    • Spelling fixes.
  • Fix more cargo clippy warnings and errors.
  • Fix image sizes not propagating into layouts when loading through the online editor / wasm interpreter.
  • Rust: Allow for rust keywords in .60 structs (by adding r# in front of each identifiers)
  • Add support for debug() in .60 logging to console.log in the online editor.
  • Fix bug that caused two way binding to sometimes disappear.
  • iot-dashboard: Polish the iot-dashboard demo. screenshot of iot-dashboard
    • Added interaction in the light intensity widget.
    • Provide feedback when pressing rounded buttons.
    • Fix opacity in devices buttons: Apply the opacity only to the background fill, like in QSkinny.
  • More work towards preparing for making inlining optional in the compiler.
  • Throw an error if there are duplicated ids in a component.
  • C++: Fix invalid CMake package config files when using different build types (RelWithDebInfo, etc.).
  • Document how to use Sublime Version 4 with with the .60 LSP module.


93 patches were committed by 4 authors.

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