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Simple GUI application with Slint and Rust


In this video, we create a simple GUI application with Rust and Slint.

Live Coding: Slint on a Microcontroller


This is a live coding tutorial on how to use Slint to work on a micro controller. We'll make a small UI using Slint for a RP2040 (Raspberry pi pico) connected to a screen with SPI.
The hardware used in this tutorial consists of two components:

  1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 0:42 Getting Started with Rust
  3. 3:14 Attaching a Screen
  4. 16:48 Using Slint
  5. 39:10 Adding Support for the Touch Screen
  6. 48:55 Adding an Animated Toggle Control
  7. 55:54 Outro; Next Step


Slint on Raspberry Pi Pico / RP2040 with 264K of RAM


This video shows a demo application running on an Raspberry Pi Pico MCU: a RP2040 ARM Cortex M0 with 264K of RAM and 2M of flash, attached to a 320x240 waveshare display connected via SPI. More info on the blog "Porting Slint to microcontrollers".

Slint on STM32H7 MCU


Demo of Slint running on an STM32H735G-DK board.