24th to 30th of April 2023 - 1.0.2 Release

Version 1.0.2 Released

We received a lot of feedback after the 1.0.0 release and try to get these fixes into the hands of our users as soon as possible. So we released version 1.0.2 last week. For more details, check out the CHANGELOG.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback. Please keep it coming, we'll improve things as fast as we can.

Slint Library

New Features

  • Add Image::load_from_svg_data. (#2638)

    Thank you to Yuyi Wang for this pull request!

  • winit: Add API to access the winit window and event loop (#2617)


  • LSP: Use crosshair cursor in design mode (#2627)
  • LSP: Add toggleDesignMode command (#2633)
  • Lsp: Do not highlight based on cursor position while design mode is active (#2643)
  • Preview: Improve highlighting of Elements (#2645)


  • Update the Getting Started section (#2640)
  • Document how anonymous objects are mapped to native code (#2659)
  • docs: Correct debug(string) returns "void" (#2663)

Changes to the .slint Language


    • Skia: Add support for password input fields (#2635)
    • Slintpad: Fix editing in non-main files was getting ignored (#2632)
    • vscode: Trigger queryProperties less often (#2639)
    • Fix focussing element whose base is focusable (#2625)
    • Fix build against macOS deployment target 10.10 (#2628)
    • Fix font fallback in femtovg renderer. (#2634)
    • Fix support for transparent Windows on Wayland and macOS (#2648, #2649)
    • Fixed compilation error in generated code related to public functions (#2655). (#2656)

      Thank you to Cole Lawrence for this pull request!

    Janitor Work

    • vscode extension: Show an error message when slint-lsp crashes (#2642)
    • compiler: Ignore leading whitespace when parsing (#2644)
    • Winit renderer initialisation cleanup (#2651)

    More PRs: #2629 #2637 #2636 #2653


    49 patches committed in 25 pull requests by 6 authors.

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    Slint is a declarative GUI toolkit to build native user interfaces for desktop and embedded applications written in Rust, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Find more information at https://slint.dev/ or check out the source code at https://github.com/slint-ui/slint