6th to 12th of March 2023

Spotlight: Stable Rust for MCU

This week, the Rust team released a new compiler version, 1.68. This is great news for us because it's the first stable release that's able to build Slint applications for microcontrollers (MCU). It was necessary to use the nightly Rust compiler before to be able to use a global allocator (required by Slint) in no_std applications.

Slint Library


  • Fluent style: Adjust disabled scrollbar background color (#2337)
  • swrenderer: Fix image drawing when the image is not stretched to the geometry (#2333)
  • swrenderer: Improve rendering of gradient with opacity (#2334)
  • Partial renderer: take in account change in clipping and parent geometry and opacity (#2346)
  • Skia: Improve quality of rounded rectangle rendering (#2348)
  • scroll-view: Add minimum width and height for scroll bar (#2353)
  • WASM: Don't print fake keys in input box (#2356)
  • Flickable: Capture the event if the flickable can flick even if it is at the end (#2357)
  • swrenderer: Fix rendering artifacts when deleting components when using the partial renderer (#2358)

Microcontroller Support

  • stm32h7: Move peripherals initialization to the init() function (#2342)
  • stm32h7: Add support for getrandom() (#2345)
  • rp-pico: Move the initialization code to init() (#2349)

Documentation and Demos

Janitor Work

  • Extract the FemtoVG renderer into a separate crate (#2142)
  • clippy: Fix clippy warnings (#2350, #2351 )
  • online-editor: Remove "???" from unknown/complex types (#2361)
  • Rename BUILD_TESTING cache variable to SLINT_BUILD_TESTING #2362 (#2364)

    Thank you to Jyotirmoy Roy for this pull request!

More PRs: #2331, #2354, #2360,


33 patches committed in 24 pull requests by 4 authors.

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