21st to 27th of November 2022 ‒ 0.3.2 Release

Slint 0.3.2 Release

Today we released Slint 0.3.2, with new features and some bug fixes. This release maintains backwards source compatibility. Applications developed with version 0.3.1 will continue to run with version 0.3.2. Let's look at the highlights:

  • We added a new "material" widget style that implements the Material Design: Slint Gallery with Material design
  • Annotate your properties with private, in, out, or in-out to specify how they can be read and written. See the earlier blog post for more details.
  • IDE Integration:
    • Use the new property tab in the VS code extension to edit properties.
    • Place the cursor on the base type of an element to see its location highlighted in the live-preview.
    Slint vscode extension preview highlight and properties editor
  • Use the new variants in WindowEvent to dispatch key events from your custom platform backend.

For more details, check out the ChangeLog.


Slint UI Library

Changes to the .slint language

  • Transitions can now get declared within the states (#1884)


  • Move WindowEvent, PointerEventButton, and Key to the platform module (#1902)


  • Material Design: Add ripple effect (#1892)
  • Material Design: Express typographic tokens in relative-font-size (#1904)


  • Fix the meta key causing characters to appear in TextInput elements (#1887)
  • Fix placeholder text rendered on top of cursor when empty LineEdit is focused (#1888)
  • Flickable should not accept the mouse release event when not flicking (#1905)
  • Fix embedding of images referenced in globals (#1906)


  • Recipe: TableView (#1909)
    Preview Link
  • Recipe: Translation example (#1913)
  • Add documentation about the available widget styles and how to select them (#1910)

Janitor work

PRs: #1883, #1885, #1886, #1889, #1890, #1891, #1893, #1894, #1895, #1896, #1897, #1899, #1901, #1907

Other Crates and Libraries

Contributions to other crates and libraries made by the Slint developers:


  • Add support for CMAKE_*_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY variables for placing build artifacts, besides the corresponding target properties (#268)


66 patches committed in 30 pull requests by 4 authors.

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