10th of October 2022 to 16th of October 2022

Slint is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display: embedded devices and desktop applications. We support multiple programming languages, such as Rust, C++, and JavaScript. Find more information at https://slint-ui.com/ or go straight to github at https://github.com/slint-ui/slint

Slint UI Library

We had a long planning session this week after Florian has joined us this month, distributing work items over the growing team. We decided to look into four main areas:

Slint team with cake

We also visited the EuroRust conference here in Berlin on Thursday and Friday, the first in-person conference in a long time for all of us. EuroRust had a great venue, wonderful food, interesting talks on an entire range of topics, and lots of rustaceans to talk to. Tobias presented on how to mix Rust and C++, showing what we had learned in Slint and had great fun giving the presentation. The audience appreciated the topic and we had a good Q&A session afterwards. Slides are here, a video recording will be available in a couple of weeks.



Janitor work


54 patches committed in 7 pull requests by 4 authors.