3rd of October 2022 to 9th of October 2022

Slint UI Library

A warm welcome to Florian Blasius, who started at Slint this week. Florian brings extensive UI and rust experience and already started porting Slint to Redox OS in his spare time.

EuroRust will be held in Berlin October 13th and 14th. Florian and I will be around and are looking forward to chat with fellow Rustaceans! I will also be presenting how Slint inter-operates with C++ at the conference.

New features

  • Initial Input Method Support for Winit (#1713)

    This partially addresses #1706

  • Add a sorting model to rust (#1712)

    Add a SortModel that will sort a Model by a given sort-function and can then be wired up to a view in the UI.

  • switch to yeslogic-fontconfig-sys from servo-fontconfig (#956)

    to use dlopen for fontconfig instead of linking fontconfig at build time. This allows for easier cross compilation, which I am using to cross compile from x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu to aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu with cross:

    Slint on mobile

    Thank you to Be for this pull request!


  • online_editor: Code navigation between files (#1709)

    Enable code navigation between open files.

    For example go to definition for "Homepage" in the printer demo's main page does work now. It used to open a new tab with the source code in it before.

  • online_editor: Save/restore/reset dock layouts (#1703)

    Save the dock layout state into local storage and restore it on next start-up.

    This shuffles all the code managing the panels around a bit: They all can get closed now and they can all be opened again via the menu. Their actual layout can also be saved (which will save it into the local browsers storage) and will then be restored on start.

    That makes the online editor quite a bit more usable.

Janitor work

PRs: #1704


47 patches committed in 7 pull requests by 5 authors.

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Slint is a declarative GUI toolkit to build native user interfaces for desktop and embedded applications written in Rust, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Find more information at https://slint.dev/ or check out the source code at https://github.com/slint-ui/slint