1st of November 2021 to 7th of November 2021

De-inlining work continues

The de-inlining work that started last week is still in full swing. The work on the C++ code generator was finished and the results look promising: The size of the generated code of the printer demo as well as the compiled binary shrunk by ~40% while the build time went down nearly 50%. The work on the Rust generator has begun.

Looking for a new name

The name we picked for our library was great to get the project started, but considering that refresh rates of 60Hz are not state of the art anymore (and admittedly were not last year), we would like to find a better name for our library.

We would very much appreciate your help! Please suggest good names over on Github!

SixtyFPS UI Library

  • Fixes
    • C++: Fixed sixtyfps::blocking_invoke_from_main_loop when the callable returns void (d26e95)

      Fixes #623

    • Fix fluent style's Slider changed callback not being called (a102e9)

      Fixes #621

  • Document and test the Minimum Supported Rust Version (7d04ba9, 480021, a96ab1b)


  • Rust test driver: Add a feature to generate the rust code in build.rs (9401bf)

    instead of in the sixtyfps! macro, so se actually see where the error is in the generated code.
    This also expose a bunch of warning that were not being taken care on.

  • Add a way to run the C++ tests with valgrind (19e9186)
  • CI: set the environment variable to get a backtrace when running the tests (4b4870c)


80 patches were committed by 3 authors.

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