11th of October 2021 to 17th of October 2021

This week was the quiet after the 0.1.3 release and was dedicated to cleaning up after the release and to fix some small issues -- especially in cargo-ui.

Blog Posts & Project News

Olivier and Simon blogged about how SixtyFPS Viewer can be used to implement GUIs for scripts.

SixtyFPS UI Library

  • Features
    • Viewer: Added way to execute commands on callbacks ( 82a1cc)
    • Added a no-frame property to Window (#560)

      Thanks Robert Broketa @rybertm!

    • TouchArea: Grab the mouse regardless of the button (#559)
  • Documentation changes:
    • Provide a modern introduction to the language reference ( e3ce13)
    • Mention DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATHin the Qt install docs ( f7193d)

      cc #566

    • Provide a slightly simpler language reference intro sentence ( db60a5)
  • Demos
    • Fix sysinfo_macos.sh with mount points that have spaces in their path ( 912913)
  • Fixes
    • Don't hard-code ScrollArea's viewport size ( 19ce55)

      The Flickable should already have sane default

      But we need to make sure that the default binding don't override bindings set with aliases. So we must use BindingsMap::set_binding_if_not_set which sets the priority properly

      Closes #581


News about applications built with SixtyFPS

Cargo UI

  • Allow to add a dependencies ( 38ca41)
  • Allow to install packages, with auto-completion ( 421412)
  • Add a progress bar when installing crates ( 3b0aa8)
  • Fix parsing cargo install --listwhen there are several binaries per crate ( 0477a9)
  • Make the upgrade and uninstall button work ( c91454)
Cargo UI screenshot


24 patches were committed by 3 authors.

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