6th of September to 12th of September 2021

Project News

Version 0.1.2 of sixtyFPS was released last week! Please check out the release blog post for more information.

UI Library

  • New Features
    • Allow the sixtyfps-compiler and sixtyfps-viewer to read from stdin ( fe015a )

      By specifying - as a path

    • Add image-scaling property to Images to control how they are scaled ( a03a27 )

      Thanks Ryan Van Gilder @ryban!

    • A Multi-line TextEdit widget was added.
  • Changes to the .60 language
    • Parser: make the parentheses around if element optional ( 8d15bc )

      closes #466

    • Allow global singletons to have default callback handlers ( 4d3f08 )

      It's already working, we just need to remove the error handling :-)

      Fixes #467

  • Fixes
    • Fix stretch of children of the GroupBox widget ( ec7d9a )

      Apply a vertical stretch in the fluent and ugly style, to match the native style.

      Fixes #487

    • Interpreter: fix comparison of enums ( 4aeb9b )

      We need to normalize native enum to use dashes

  • Make it possible to disable the GL backend in the CMake build ( 1fd8c7 )
    • The default backend no more selects a default :-). Instead the Rust API crate, Rust interpreter API crate and the CMake project define the same features and defaults.
    • The C++ crate depends on the interpreter without its defaults.
    • In CMake the X11 and Wayland features become dependent options, that are only show in the CMake configure UI if the GL backend is enabled. This way a GL-disabled build won't also pass --features x11.
  • Janitor work


News about applications built with SixtyFPS

  • cargo-ui

    • Feature management
      • Improve feature selection mechanism for workspaces ( 5ee1bb )

        Always show all features of the workspace and prefix individual features with the package name.

      • Make it possible to disable default features ( 76d73b )
    • Toolchain management
      • Show the list of installed toolchains in the toolchains tab ( 03a911 )


52 patches were committed by 4 authors.

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