23rd of August to 29th of August 2021


  • New Features or API
    • API to access globals ( 5f8cea )

      Global singletons in .60 markup can now be marked for export. New API in generated Rust and C++ code as well as the Rust/C++ interpreter allows accessing the properties and callbacks of such global singletons. This makes it easier to share data/callbacks between the UI design and the native code. Check out the online Rust docs or C++ docs for more information.

    • Contributed support for Emoji rendering to the upstream femtovg library, for use in SixtyFPS (PR #49)

      Emojis are PNG encoded bitmaps embedded in TrueType fonts, also called color fonts.

  • Bug Fixes
    • Apply the default text color from the style for the color of Text and TextInput elements ( cdca92 )

      We apply a default window background from the palette to all Window elements, and likewise we need to apply the default text color to Text elements to ensure a readable contrast.

      This also fixes the default text color when using Qt/native style in dark mode on macOS.

    • Fix panic in the GL backend when text has complex bindings to sizes ( 88af44 )

      Avoid borrowing the rendering cache while evaluating property bindings.

      Fixes #410

    • Fix interpreter panics when calling callback that weren't set ( d5f4a7 )


  • LSP: First implementation of semantic highlighting of tokens ( 11398c )

    Enable semantic highlighting in the LSP for the .60 language.


News about applications built with SixtyFPS

  • cargo-ui

    Make use of features found in SixtyFPS 0.1.1 to simplify cargo-ui

    Fix the combobox used to select the tests to run.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have news to add here!


41 patches were committed by 2 authors.

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