16th of August to 22nd of August 2021

Project News

  • Version 0.1.1 has been released (Blog post).

    Many commits this week were applying polish in preparation of this release.

    Demos should now be a bit nicer here and there, the web pages with the online demos have been improved (59e136) and the documentation has seen small fixes and improvements here and there.

SixtyFPS UI Library

  • Fixes
    • Fix compilation with C++20 ( 59e136 )

      Fixes #428

    • Fix panic when calling focus() on a repeated element ( 2458ac )

      When trying to reference an instance of a repeated item, for use with ItemRc or VRef<Item>, the item_index (or id) of the ElementRc is not directly what we want.

      Adjust any element references to the repeater to to the inner instance after creating them. Also make sure that the enclosing component is respected in the C++ and Rust generators.

      Fixes #422

    • Fix priority when merging two_way_binding ( 2c1e39 )

      We should not increase the priority when merging two way binding, only when inlining.

      This fixes the iot-dashboard's devices widget which were sometimes not transparent as they should have been. This was not deterministic because the order in which the two way binding are merged is not deterministic because of hash table, and sometimes one binding ended up having a higher priority as it should have had.

    • Interpreter API: preserve the dashes and underscore when listing properties (a39dd6a)
  • Janitor work

    Changes: 31a324, 09e272, 60575e, 91c78f, d26707, 604f91, a387c0, bbbf64, c7d27d


47 patches were committed by 4 authors.

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