9th of August to 15th of August 2021

SixtyFPS UI Library

  • Preparation for the upcoming release

    We intent to publish v0.1.1 this week

  • New Features
    • Add APIs to load images into UIs at runtime. (8a3a68 - #387)

      This offers way more flexibility over the compile-time images that were supported so far!

      See the Demo section below for the demos showing how to interact with these APIs.

  • Changes to the .60 language
    • Normalize identifiers to - instead of _ ( c25538 )

      Standardize identifiers in .60 files to use - instead of _. This is closer to what CSS does and should be nicer for users with a design-centric background.

      As a result - The error messages will now show the error with - instead of _ - The LSP will auto-complete with - - The interpreter's list of properties will list the property with '-' (but we made the change so that set_property, get_property, and so on work also if passed a '-')

    • Make fluent the new default style ( 01c334 )
    • Error when trying to use internal builtin items ( b6137e )
  • Demos
  • Documentation
    • Fix documentation preview and highlighting of .60 code with nightly rustdoc ( bdeb64 )

      For the preview of .60 snippets in the documentation (e.g. in the widgets documentation)

      rustdoc changed the html generated. The code used to be in a <code>, now it is in a <pre> So this should work with both stable rust and nightly rust

  • Language bindings
    • Implement SharedVector::clear() for C++ ( 511027 )
    • Implement SharedVector::clear() for Rust ( 856a04 )
    • C++: Make the strong_ref and weak_ref of VRc atomic ( 7cc13d )

      To match the equivalent in rust

    • C++ Add a few asserts that the non-thread safe API is not called in a thread ( 9b869f )
  • Fixes
    • Set the width of items in a ListView ( 143510 )

      Fixes #408

    • Fix build with Qt 6 ( f0a7c4 )

      QFont::resolve(uint mask) is QFont::setResolveMask(...) in Qt 6.

      Fixes #399

    • NativeButton: set the right icon size ( 5ac801 )
    • Fix the native style drawn from the GL backend ( ec529f )

      Femtovg wants RGBA, not ARGB

    • Fix opacity property at the root of a repeated element in layout ( 7859e2 )

      This fix the layout of the printing-queue in the printer demo

    • Flickable: Ignore repeated child elements in geometry computation to avoid compiler panic ( a5689a )

      This fixes a panic but ideally, we should merge the layout info of each children

      cc #407

  • Janitor work

    Changes: c3ce32, afa52d, cbdea7, 9dcd10, d50dcf, bac4d8, ce30f9, 094f4b, 1d71a2, 58fa48, 87df17, 528691


138 patches were committed by 4 authors.

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Slint is a declarative GUI toolkit to build native user interfaces for desktop and embedded applications written in Rust, C++, JavaScript, and Python. Find more information at https://slint.dev/ or check out the source code at https://github.com/slint-ui/slint