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Embedded Applications

Enjoy the freedom to configure your embedded device as per your budget and needs. Slint not only supports multiple processor architectures and operating systems but also can run on devices with or without GPU. Benefit from out-of-the-box integration into well-known embedded linux distributions such as Yocto, Torizon, Wayland.

Supported Boards


Provide the best user experience for your users on desktop. Slint allows building custom, complex UIs for professional applications. And not just applications - Slint can be used to create plugins such as VST that integrates into existing applications.

WesAudio DAW Plugin Desktop Application


Industrial Applications

Get your Swiss Army knife for building industrial GUI applications. With Slint, you can build your own custom device SDKs, target different panel resolutions, provide pre-configured UI screens and create your own HMI design tools.


Provide smartphone-like user experience at a fraction of cost. Slint comes with a small memory footprint and delivers high graphics performance on cost effective embedded hardware such as those running low-powered processors running on bare metal or on Linux.

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Consumer Applications


Automotive Applications

Build your next generation Cockpit user interface with memory safety and performance at its core. Slint, built with Rust, now supports QNX and is being used for building instrument clusters for motorcycles and 2-wheelers.


Build GUI applications that consume less processor cycles, freeing up the processor to run resource intensive algorithms. Slint with its low memory footprint and high graphics performance is ideal for building such applications. Built with Rust, the language with memory safety and low power consumption, Slint is being used to build GUI for wearables for monitoring health vitals.

Medical Applications

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