Get started

There are different pathways to get started with Slint. Choose the one that fits you best.

Start with SlintPad

SlintPad is our web based editor when you can try out Slint. It comes preloaded with some of our demos that should help you get started easily. Use it along with the Slint Documentation to design your first UI.

Open SlintPad

Start with a Template

Use one of our templates to jump start your application development.

Integrating with IDEs

Users of Visual Studio Code can install the Slint extension, which works with both desktop and web versions.

Users of other IDEs, please follow the instructions by clicking on the respective logo.

Logo of Qt Creator Logo of Kate Logo of Vim Logo of Neovim Logo of Sublime Text Logo of Jet Brains

Choose a License

Finished with your Hello World app? Ready to build your application? Choose a license that fits your needs.

Desktop, Web, Embedded


Create your application under MIT, BSD, Apache 2.0 or any of the other GPLv3 compatible licenses, provided that the complete work is made available under the GPLv3.

Link to license text.

GitHub Repo

Desktop, Web

Royalty-Free License

Create your application under a license of your choice, open-source or proprietary, provided that the application includes proper attribution to Slint and retains copyright notices.

Link to license text.

GitHub Repo

Desktop, Web, Embedded

Paid License

Create your application under a license of your choice with support service included.
Prices start from 5 €/month/user with the first 30 days included for free.

Link to license text.

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