Alternative to other Rust GUI toolkits

Looking for a way to efficiently build the GUI for your application? Or maybe you are worried about the application binary size and overall performance?

Switch to Slint!

Declarative GUI

Declarative GUI

Improve productivity and code efficiency by eliminating the need to write and maintain hundreds of lines of instructional code. Slint uses a declarative Domain Specific Language (DSL) to describe the user interface elements and compiles them to native code.

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Multi-language support

Redesign your UI while using the same code base and engineering team. Integrate your business logic implemented in C++, JavaScript, or Rust.

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Multi-language support


Complete your UI design through quick iterations using Live-Preview. Tweak everything, like colors, animations, geometries, or text. and verify the changes instantly.


Achieve low footprint and minimal resource consumption. The Slint runtime fits in less than 300KiB RAM, features a lazy property system, and is built with Rust.

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Multi-OS, Multi-Processor

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