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Overview of Community

We believe that open source software development and communities are the foundation for a healthy ecosystem of high-quality software, where everyone can learn, improve and give back. We commit to upholding this foundation and pledge by promising to continue to develop Slint in the open under an open source license, as approved by the Open Source Initiative.

Open Development

We believe in developing Slint together with our users and have received code contributions from over 50 contributors from our community.

All roadmap discussions are openly discussed in GitHub issues and in the development chat channel of our Mattermost instance.

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Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

You are invited to participate in our Mattermost chat and GitHub discussions to ask your questions or simply to follow ongoing discussions.

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Follow us on Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn. Or contact us privately via email to [email protected].

Ways to Contribute

We welcome your contributions: in the form of code, bug reports or feedback. If you see an RFC tag on an issue, feel free to chime in.

All code contributions are accepted under the MIT No Attribution License as this gives us the flexibility to adapt the licensing terms for Slint while giving you the flexibility to use your code in other projects under licenses of your choice.

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Ways to Contribute

Choose a Community License

Whether you’re developing a FLOSS or a proprietary application, we’ve got a license for you. Also check out our Support Plans.

Embedded, Desktop, Mobile & Web


Create your application under MIT, BSD, Apache 2.0 or any of the other GPLv3 compatible licenses, provided that the complete work is made available under the GPLv3.

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Desktop, Mobile & Web

Community License

Create your Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications for free, provided that the applications include attribution to Slint.

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