Brand Guidelines


The name of the product is Slint, not Slint UI.

slint-ui or slint_ui is used as username for online service when (and only when) slint is already taken.

The company (legal entity) behind Slint is SixtyFPS GmbH. That name should only be used to refer to the company, including the GmbH. (SixtyFPS was the former name of the product but should no longer be used.)Employees of SixtyFPS GmbH should prefer using the name Slint whenever possible (e.g. on conference badges).


The Slint blue color is:

  • For Screen: #2379F4 (Hex), R=35 G=121 B=244, Tint = 100,

  • For Print: CMYK = 75,45,0,0,

  • For Spot Color (Pantone): PMS 2727 C.

Prefer using the Slint blue color. In some cases, where the Slint blue color does not contrast well with the background, use white as the alternate color.

  • The logos are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License Creative Commons License.

  • Do not modify the logo by changing the colors, changing the aspect ratio, or other alterations to the corporate identity.

  • When using the logo to refer to Slint from a location not dedicated to Slint, use the full versions of the logo with the tagline ("GUI toolkit").

    Slint logo full

  • When using the logo to refer to Slint for illustrative purposes, from a place where the viewer is expected to already know about Slint (e.g. because it is on the Slint website itself) use the simple versions of the logo.

    Slint logo simple

  • For the cases where a square or circular logo is required (e.g. social media avatar), the square versions of the logo can be used. Prefer the version with the text.

    Slint logo square

  • For a small icon where the text would not be visible otherwise, use the versions of the logo without the text.

    Slint logo small

  • Use the #MadeWithSlint logo for attributions to Slint (e.g. when using Slint under the Community License).

    Slint logo small


  • For Dark mode/backgrounds, use the versions with dark.

  • For Light mode/backgrounds, use the versions with light.

  • If the background switched between dark and light mode, but only one logo can be shown, use the versions with whitebg.

Download Logo (.zip)