Alternative to LVGL

Looking for a way to efficiently build the GUI for your application? Or maybe you are building a complex GUI that needs to be rendered using a GPU?

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Declarative GUI

Declarative GUI

Improve productivity and code efficiency by eliminating the need to write and maintain hundreds of lines of instructional code. Slint uses a declarative Domain Specific Language (DSL) to describe the user interface elements and compiles them to native code.

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Multi-language support

Redesign your UI while using the same code base and engineering team. Integrate your business logic implemented in C++, JavaScript, or Rust.

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Multi-language support


Complete your UI design through quick iterations using Live-Preview. Tweak everything, like colors, animations, geometries, or text. and verify the changes instantly.


Deliver a smooth user experience. Slint uses the optimal graphics rendering method: GPU accelerated, DMA2D, Framebuffer, or Linebuffer.


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