Alternative to Electron

Do you want your desktop application to be snappy? Or maybe, you are tired of hearing your users complain about your application hogging CPU and RAM resources?

Switch to Slint!



Enjoy flexibility that only a native application can provide: Access full operating system APIs, utilize all CPU and GPU cores, connect to any peripheral. Slint compiles your UI design to machine code.


Achieve low footprint and minimal resource consumption. The Slint runtime fits in less than 300KiB RAM, features a lazy property system, and is built with Rust.

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Multi-OS, Multi-Processor

Multi-language support

Multi-language support

Redesign your UI while using the same code base and engineering team. Integrate your business logic implemented in C++, JavaScript, or Rust.

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Built with Rust

Design your UI without compromising on performance, safety, and memory management. Rust allows enhanced safety, speed, and concurrency, or the ability to run multiple computations parallelly.

Built in Rust

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