Builtin Structures#


This structure is generated as part of KeyEvent, to indicate which modifier keys are pressed during the generation of a key event.


  • control (bool): true if the control key is pressed. On macOS this corresponds to the command key.

  • alt (bool): true if alt key is pressed.

  • shift (bool): true if the shift key is pressed.

  • meta (bool): true if the windows key is pressed on Windows, or the control key on macOS.


This structure is generated and passed to the key press and release callbacks of the FocusScope element.


  • text (string): The string representation of the key

  • modifiers (KeyboardModifiers): The keyboard modifiers pressed during the event


This structure represents a point with x and y coordinate


  • x (length)

  • y (length)


This structure is generated and passed to the pointer-event callback of the TouchArea element.


  • kind (enum PointerEventKind): The kind of the event: one of the following

    • down: The button was pressed.

    • up: The button was released.

    • cancel: Another element or window took hold of the grab. This applies to all pressed button and the button is not relevant.

  • button (enum PointerEventButton): The button that was pressed or released. left, right, middle, or none.


The StandardListViewItem is used to display items in the StandardListView and the StandardTableView.


  • text (string): Describes the text of the item.


TableColumn is used to define the column and the column header of a TableView.


  • title (string): Describes the column header title.

  • min-width (length): Defines the minimum with of the column.

  • width (length): The current width of the column.

  • horizontal-stretch (float): Defines the horizontal stretch of the column.

  • sort-order (SortOrder): Describes the sort order of the column.