Enum ValueType#

Enum Documentation#

enum class slint::interpreter::ValueType : int8_t#

This enum represents the different public variants of the [Value] enum, without the contained values.


enumerator Void#

The variant that expresses the non-type. This is the default.

enumerator Number#

An int or a float (this is also used for unit based type such as length or angle)

enumerator String#

Correspond to the string type in .slint.

enumerator Bool#

Correspond to the bool type in .slint.

enumerator Model#

A model (that includes array in .slint)

enumerator Struct#

An object.

enumerator Brush#

Correspond to brush or color type in .slint. For color, this is then a [Brush::SolidColor].

enumerator Image#

Correspond to image type in .slint.

enumerator Other#

The type is not a public type but something internal.